How Sliding Door Hardware Has Evolved in the Modern Era

Today’s sliding door hardware has come a long way since the days of the sliding barn doors. Barn-style doors have become fashionable in recent years, making them now a must-have in any home that’s remodeled. In fact, some of the most popular sliding door hardware on the market today is designed to blend right into the surrounding environment. Where previously you had to sacrifice style for utility, now you can have both.

What were the origins of modern sliding barn doors (source:

Some examples of what modern barn door hardware looks like

One major innovation in sliding door hardware was the introduction of the tubular rail system in the 1940s. Previously, door tracks had been made from flat, rectangular sheets of metal, which were prone to sagging over time and causing the door to jam. Tubular rail systems were comprised of a series of interlocking metal tubes that provided sturdier support for the door. They also allowed for more precise measurements than flat panels, which meant doors could be built to exact specifications.

While technology such as the tubular rail has been in existence for a long time, that’s not the only aspect of barn doors that have evolved. Premium manufacturers offer top and/or bottom-mounted sliding barn-style doors that function like a traditional door, but with added precision, smoothness, safety and ease of operation. They always stay securely on the track no matter what you do with the door, they have damped mechanisms that gently bring them to a close, they’re dead quiet in motion, they have no resistance – and best of all, with the proper hardware, the door takes nothing so much as a light touch to be set into frictionless motion.

Thanks to innovative manufacturers such as MWE and KrownLab, barn door hardware is no longer the simple, two-panel wooden slabs that used to be attached to barn doors to keep the animals inside. The hardware has evolved into a variety of styles and sizes that make it a versatile way to save space anywhere they’re installed, while also adding a modern or industrial element to a home’s decor.

The options available from MWE and KrownLab are an effortless choice. They improve the appearance, atmosphere and functionality of any space they’re installed in – the matter is just choosing the right style for your preferences, because while being made of modern materials like stainless steel, they come in a variety of different styles.

When it comes to actually choosing where to buy modern barn door hardware oh, that’s a whole other matter! These types of hardware are manufactured in Europe and the USA – they’re built to last, with smooth, frictionless operation and tight specifications.

Being so attractive, it’s natural these doors spawn lower-cost lookalikes – the kind you find in a big-box store. These cheap imitations have the good looks, but not the underlying quality of construction. Going deep-discount with this hardware will ultimately cost you more in the long run, with eventual repairs, or worse, replacements. Wouldn’t you rather save that time, money and labor upfront?

Invest in proper barn door hardware, from proper suppliers such as Specialty Doors, and you’ll have the confidence of a door that will last generations. The higher quality means it’s also safer to operate. It’s easy to install, further saving you time and money.

And best of all, the aesthetics are timeless.

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